F1 student marrying permanant resident issues

Currently I have green card and can apply for citizenship in sep 2016. I would like to know the legal issues behind marrying an F1 student who finishes his studies in December 2015.Is that okay if we traveled outside US and get married before he finishes studies and not informing that we went to India for marriage .Will that affect while applying his OPT time and apply for spouse visa once I got my citizenship.OR is it good to wait to get OPT for him then get married and coming back.Is there any risk in traveling while in OPT and getting married.Or is it better if he extend his studies by applying for new course and continues to stay as student till i get citizenship.

You are safe to travel for your marriage without any updates to your present immigration status.

On the other hand, you dont need to wait till you become citizen if you want to file Green Card for your spouse. Once you get your marriage registration certificate, you both can come back to US and you can file (on your GC status) GC for your spouse. Please do some more research to enhance this understanding.

Wish you the best life together…