F1 student going on OPT, should I apply for F2 visa for my spouse whose own OPT is ending

I am on F1 visa, will graduate in May 2019 and be on OPT for 1 more year till May 2020. My wife is currently on OPT and working but she will have to leave US as her OPT ends in June 2019. Which of the below options should we choose:

  1. Apply for a change of her visa from F1 OPT to F2 as my spouse in the US embassy here in US. The problem is I will be on OPT at this time so is that too risky?

  2. Send her back to India and wait on my H1B to come through and then apply for H-4 spouse visa. During this time she can use her B1/B2 visa to keep visiting.

Please suggest as we are very confused on what’s the best thing to do. Thank you so much to this incredibly helpful community.