F1 stamping denied-existing H4

Hi Saurabh,

My spouse is on H4 and started pursuing MS 4 months back (Jan 2019), due to the annoying H1 lottery rejections over 3 yrs. Yesterday she went to India for F1 stamping as COS takes a lot of time. But F1 eventually got denied unfortunately in Chennai consulate. The VO has asked for I-20 and her passport thats it. He didnt even ask any more questions. So we are taken aback like why her F1 was denied, even after investing (and ready to invest) these many funds in her MS.

Now - wanted to know if she can stay back and try one other interview in Kolkata or Delhi, or in Chennai itself once more. She never knew the reason why it was rejected in the first place. Or - would you suggest she can return back on H4 itself and re-apply for an interview at Cancun MX or Canada consulates.


Yes, it is a worth one or two more attempts to give F1 visa a try. It may not be just money and affordability. When someone goes for F1, they look at various things like other admits, GRE, TOEFL, program, etc. They do have access to pull your information as part of their overall risk profiling. It is very hard to say sometimes what they really look at as well. All we can do is try our best.

Yes, if there is no success in India, then revert to alternative options like Canada or other places. It can be frustrating, but you are trying to do the right thing by planning to go to F1…Good Luck !

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Thanks a lot Kumar. Your suggestions are encouraging, crisp, to the point and clear. I will leverage these ideas. Thanks again.
Meanwhile if I travel myself, I can still provide my current I797 but use my old stamping isnt it?

Hi, did your wife got her f1 visa now? Did she appear for the interview again? Please reply I am also planning for F1 visa interview in the month of July. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Hi Pallavi. I am also planning to go for F1 visa in the month of June or July. You can reach me at manchukeerthi@gmail.com. We can share our thoughts and help each other.

Hello Saurabh,

Can you please share your spouse experience in 2nd attempt.