F1 renewal on OPT

Hi, my F1 visa stamp is expired and I want to travel to India to renew it. I got my PhD this month and have a postdoc lined up in one of the top universities in the US. I have my OPT approved and card at hand. I have booked a dropbox appointment. Questions:

  1. Is it risky to travel? Should I start working first and think about traveling a few months into my new job?
  2. I traveled to the US on a J1 visa before I started my PhD. I recently got the 2 year home country residency requirement waived. Does that in any way show “no intent to go back home”?
  3. If my visa does get rejected, would they call me for an in-person interview first? Will I need a new appointment for that?


There is always an inherent risk with visa stamping however if you have proper supporting documents you have nothing to worry as far as you are able to get an appointment.
Based on your degree and level of education, you have pretty solid chances of visa approval.

I dont think so.

Once you submit dropbox , if CO wants you to come in for an interview, they will issue 221g and give you a time/date for a walk-in interview, no need for separate appointment.