F1 renewal during stem OPT

Hi All,

I am currently on my STEM OPT and my F1 got expired in June 2019. Finished PhD in 2018 and currently working for a National lab in US. I am planning to visit India in December 2019 but I have to renew my F1 Visa to re-enter US. Please some can share their experience as well as guidelines to apply for renewal.


Well, going for F1 stamping in STEM OPT can be a very tricky thing. The reason is you need to demonstrate your intent to come back, but with you completing education and currently doing work, it is hard to demonstrate…Also, looking at your working location, I am guessing you may be part of TAL ( technology alert list), if so, you need to be ware of that as well as you may be subject to additional screening…Not to scare you, but trying to give you the reality on the ground, so that you are aware of the risks.

Hi Kaushik. So I have been in similar scenario and you have to get F1 reinstated through your DSO. Only after you get your F1 reinstated and your new I-94 will be generated.

You should not travel outside USA if you are not on valid status, which in your case is F1 expired.

How can you let go of such things that are so important. You should have been more careful.