F1 rejection 214(b) and additional documents to justify Deferral

Hello Members,

I was studying in the US on COS approval(h4 to F1) and have completed two semesters

Appeared for Visa interview a month and half ago while i visited india(for medical reasons) i was on a approved summer break until Aug 2018, however, since my visa was rejected and i had to get another I-20, i couldnt appear for the visa interview immediately and had to defer my admission for fall semester 2018.

DSO has deferred my admission until Early Spring semester that starts January 2019 and issued a new I-20. I understand from the DSO office that since am on a approved to obtain visa they would keep my SEVIS Active and that i can re-appear for the visa interview to obtain F1 visa.

I have following questions in regards to the same and would really appreciate any help!

  1. What additional documents to i need to carry while i appear for F1 visa interview Again? Do i have carry any specific documents to justify my long break, like medical records?

  2. How do i prove that i have strong ties back home? will showing the property documents help. how do i convince the visa officer that i am willing to return to india after i graduate(also understanding the fact that my husband lives and works in the US)

  3. In case my visa is approved, do i need a letter of deferral and any additional documents from my DSO to submit at the Port of Entry?

Please Help!



Hi YV,

I am planning to appear for F1 interview as well.

Can you tell me what questions were asked to you ?

Also, was your cos approved in usa ? Or did you file for F1 visa in india directly ?

Hi am Navya , am on H4, my f1 fot rejected first time in 2018 march in hyderabad, they gave me 214 -B .

Am planning to try again so can any one help me with any suggestion on attending visa interview.

Is it better to attend visa interview in hyderabad or canada?

Please reply.your help will be appreciated.

Hello Navya,did you apply for second time and what was the result?Please let me know

Hello,did your f1 visa got approved?Please let me know…Thanks in advance

Hi Navya,
Im in the same boat and just thinking whether to reapply in hyderabad or go to canada. Please let me know how did you proceed . That would be a great help to me .
Thanks in advance !!

Hi keerthi,
Are you facing the same problem ?

Yes madhuri,can you please contact me on manchukeerthi@gmail.com