F1 reinstatement CPT extension error


I was doing my internship in summer with proper authorization. According to the department I was eligible to work till Aug 19th. But the company had mentioned the dates till Aug 1.

When I had initially taken advice from International services, I was told that it has to be informed in case of extension. So I had informed in the office, since it was not open advising hours the person at the front desk noted the details. I thought I have informed and continued to work for the next 3 days till aug 4th. I went to India after the last day. The company wanted some help they asked me to look into it.

I mailed my ISO dept again and asked for extension from 15 to 19 and mentioned I had requested for extension earlier. They told me re do the process. So I submitted my CPT form again and got it approved after I came back on Aug 22. I submitted it to the department on 22nd.

When I came back I was informed that I have violated and my sevis will be terminated. The dept told that they din’t receive the message from front desk and the information should have been passed through mail or call.

I have only 2 courses left . I wanted to graduate in December. I have been told I have two options either reinstatement or re-entry.

I don’t know how to proceed. This is error from the dept .

Please help if anyone has faced the same issue.

Well, honestly, these sort of things cannot be left to chance with front desk. You should always email the DSO and get their confirmation via email. Anyways, it is past, you cannot do much. Re-instatement is a very tricky thing, personally, I have been through that experience and it can be painful waiting…the fact is that you will need to write a letter and immigraiton reads that and makes a call. In my view, if you say, I informed front desk and they did not take it, immigration may perceive it that it was made up…in general, many of these things are dealt in email…going out of the country to mexico or Canada and doing a re-entry is an option that you can consider, if you have valid visa…I suggest you discuss with your DSO again and see, what is that they recommend and take an informed decision.

thank you for your reply

The re-entry option now is slightly changed. I have to go back to my home country and apply for VISA again. If it is approved then I can come back.

When I spoke briefly they suggested me for reinstatement.
But I read few websites, it will be considered unauthorized employment. If that is the case then my application can be rejected most of the time.

Hi, I’m in a same situation. I was authorized for Summer cpt which I can’t start due to wait in my SSN. now company gave me extension for next semester’s CPT. I went 2 days training and project went on hold. As It wasn’t continuous work available, I left the opportunity and they paid me for 2 days of my work. Now I have to file for reinstatement because they wrote letter for me to show that I haven’t worked during my summer OPT but I worked for 2 days for paid training. Please advise. I’m in the last semester where only one course left. And it’s almost February 2017. I’m graduating in May 2017. Please share your experience if you went through all your situations.