F1- Out of status Risk ! H4 Still valid. What's best way to maintain legal status in US

My wife is in OPT (just started) and is now working as an unpaid intern under an employer. I came to know recently that SEVP is planning to cancel the certification and I am worried that she might lose her F-1 status in near future. I want to make sure she maintains her legal status.

She still has her h4 visa stamped which is not revoked because she changed her to F1 status while staying in US. What cautions I should take in advance incase she becomes out of status.


If your wife changed to her F-1 status in the US and a valid I-20 was issued, that means a visa status change did occur. The H-4 visa on her passport will get flagged by CBP when she tries to re-enter the United States after going abroad. This is not relevant if your wife decided to study on her H-4 (this is allowed) or went to home country with I-20 and got an F-1 stamped. In the latter scenario, both visas would have survived. You guys now need to go to your local INS office to do a status check on your wife. Don’t forget to take I-94 and passport. Just find out what the present records indicate.