F1 OPT, visa expired and planning to Visit India

Hello All,

Applied for H1b visa, but did not get pick up and my current F1 visa has been expired (But I have valid work visa status up to JULY, 2020). I am planning to Visit India on my F1 OPT in SEP, 2019. I have to go for visa interview If I visit India. So can you please suggest me, is it good idea to visit ? will I get visa stamping to return USA?

Thanks in advance. Your ideas and suggestions will be very helpful for me. Please, share your experience if you have similar situation.

Well, it can be tricky going for visa interview. There are some successes and many failures. The main reason is, your purpose as a student is over and you are getting training now on OPT. When you for stamping, you already would have got some training too…So, you could have hard time explaining it and convincing it…So, it is a big risk…