F1 opt stem valid till sep 2018, H1b picked in lottery status pending. Can I travel to india now and return on F1 visa?

Reason: brothers marriage, planned May 10th 2017 to May 30th 2017 what questions I might expect while on my return at POE will they ask about h1b “pending status” or “approved” as it effective from Oct 1st.


Yes, if you have a valid visa. But your change of status petition might get cancelled,as USCIS would assume that you abandoned teh CoS petition. In such a case if you really have to travel, you can on F1. But once you come back, if your H1B is approved, you have to file a new CoS and have it approved in order to move to H1B status.

As your OPT is valid til Sep 2018, you can continue working on your OPT, as your CoS petition is processed, once you are back from India. CoS processing usually take some time, since you have valid OPT, you should not have any issue.

What did they ask you while re entering and what was your h1 status at that time?

Hi kumargoud,

Did you make the travel? I am in the same boat. What questions were asked?