F1 OPT,H1 is still in process,Planning to change employer


i am on f1 opt.i got my H1 picked in april and now its processing(normal processing). I got offer from another employer. they are ready to wait till oct 1 to get my H1 processed.

Now i talked to my Employer about my plans to change job and looking at my past behaviour,they are happy to help me with this H1 process even if i am leaving the company.

They said that they will talk to our immigration attorny to check if collaberative sponsership is possible(it means current employer and furure employer agree to take the sponsership)

is this possible while my H1 is in process?

my F1 EAD last date is Aug 01 and i will need to apply for opt extension before that.

Thoughts and advices are welcome.


Have you reached out to the immigration attorney? He/She would likely have the answer to that question. Best of luck!

Nomad Credit Team

I would say that you can be patient till your H1B gets approved, as you would go on cap-gap from Aug 1st based on the petition filed by your current employer. As there is nothing called as “collaberative sponsership”, both employers have to file separate applications.

The neat way of doing this is, wait for H1 approval, after you have it approved, ask your new employer to apply for a transfer and then switch jobs.