F1 OPT expired in June 2020 but got H1B approved in lottery

Hey Guys,

I am currently in USA and my F1 OPT expired in June 2020 but I got H1B approved in Oct 2020 and since then I am waiting for a Visa appointment and today all of a sudden I was able to secure an appointment on 19 Feb 2021.

  • So wanted to check the possibility of the appointment to be cancelled?
  • And for how long can I work from India on my current Visa status if my employer does not have any issues if I work from India for an extended time period?
  • Can there be any legal implications or problems if I go for my Visa stamping after that?
  • And if I work from India will I face any issues in USA for example tax issues or any other restraining problems?

Thanks in advance.