F1 OPT candidate; H1 got picked in lottery but in pending state; can I switch employer with the receipt number ?

F1 OPT candidate;

H1B got picked in lottery and current status is " Case was Received".

Now I want to switch employer immediately due to personal reasons. Is it possible for my prospective employer to file for a H1B transfer petition using my receipt number ?

Please suggest.

They cannot file for transfer until the current petition has been approved. There is a good chance that current employer will withdraw the pending petition once you leave them. Can you convince them to still support the petition until it gets approved?

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your response.

I am not sure if I can convince my current employers to hold my H1B petition till it gets approved.

However, one of my acquaintance had the same situation last year, and luckily it worked out for him, but according to him it can be a bit challenging.

In case it does not work out, will there be any problem appearing in the CAP lottery for 2019 ?

No impact on cap lottery in 2019 as long as you remain in valid status.