F1&H1 process -timings


H1(2021) got picked and currently it is in Doc review status . Due to pandemic and other priorities have applied F1 visa for 2021 spring joining and i-20 is in progress for F1 interview.
Based on current situation

  1. If H1 petition approve , Can still go F1 interview and continue MS with F1 visa? .Use this petition during my OPT time as CAP exempt?
  2. In interview did face any issues If H1 petition approve and going for F1 interview .

preference is planning to take MS then apply H1 if cap exempt.

It depends on how H1 was filed COS or Consular.
Yes, both are different intent visas. H1 is dual intent, F1 is non-immigrant intent, so need to be prepared to answer. Make a decision on one and go with it.