F1 Expired but EAD Valid till March 2014

Hello Sourabh,

My Case is as below.

My wife is on F1 visa which is expiring on 14th Jan 2014 and her EAD is expiring on 9th March 2014. ( This is the 17th month extension she got). We clarified from OIP that she will get no more exension now.

My questions.

  1. Can she be in USA till 9th March 2014 even if her F1 visa is expiring on 14th Jan 2014?

  2. Can she avail 60 days grace period after 9th March?

  3. If we apply H1b for her in 2014 quota and say that get approved in April 2014 ( within grace period) then do she need to go back to home country or can be here till Oct ? In H1b Case can we apply for COS from F1 to H1 ?

  4. Can we apply for COS to H4 if point(3) does not works out.

Thank you !!