F1 - CPT to H4 Denied


On august 5th I filed for H4 and H4 EAD concurrently which was denied . Denial notice says that I did not maintain valid F1 non immigrant status because I transferred to another university from university in Jan 2013.

I was given f1 visa on Kent state where I never registered as I had better options from another university I had to transfer .Kent state did not object the transfer and sevis was transferred to another university .I finished my course at other university and was awarded a master degree . An opt and Opt extension was approved by USCIS upon finishing my masters .

I travelled to India while I was pursuing masters in stratford and was not questioned of it maintaining the status by DHS.

Upon completing opt period I enrolled in another masters degree in va university and USCIS has approved Cpt program with the degree . Sevis is still active

I got my license extended (which happens only when you are in status )

Social security was issued in 2014 and I did not face any issue there .

Today USCIS has denied change of status to H4 and claim I was not maintaining my F1 non immigrant status .

I could like to know my options

Whether to file motion to reopen or Go to India get H4 stamped .

If I file a motion and if that is refused , what kind of consequences I’m going to face and how will it impact my H4 stamping in India then?

.Current status : F1 on CPT

If I file a motion to re consider which will take 30- 60 days ,am I allowed to work in the period ?

What are the chances of wining this case ?