F1 Cancellation at port of entry

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I was in US from 2015 to 2019 on F1 visa. Before leaving US I had applied for CPT and came back to india due to some personal reasons. My CPT was approved and my brother sent me the CPT card. In 2019 december I wanted to go back to US and my visa was cancelled at port of entry as they said I was working illegally. I showed all the proofs that I wasn’t working anywhere as my fees and other expenses were taken care by my brother, because I was staying with my brother during the 4 and half year tenure. All the expenses were paid via account only. But there were some students who were from the same university and they were caught working illegally and they recognised me and officer was not ready to believe me. Obviously he has a lot of reasons for not believing me. So, my visa was cancelled. Now I am trying to go back to US and reached out to senates office and they said there will be a waiver form to be submitted and they will take their time to validate it and if possible they will waive the cancellation. But I have been searching as what kind of waiver form needs to be submitted. If anyone can help me finding out the waiver for that would be great. hoping to find some answer.

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Did you receive any documents from the CBP? Did you agree to withdraw your admission or you were deported?
Based on the situation your F1 visa was canceled, it is strongly recommended to hire a good immigration lawyer in the US and persue the waiver before applying again for F1.
Talk to your brother who is in the US and take his help.

Thank you for your reply. I was asked to sign a document before deporting. I spoke to an attorney in US and he said there is a waiver form but he has no update as what the waiver form number is. It has happened 3 years back and post that I have applied twice for F1 and got denied both the times. Is it worth to try one more time?

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Raj parsi.

Not worth unless you hire a good immigration lawyer eho can triage your case and thinks your case is approvable.