F1 Cancellation - Aspire for H1 B

Hi All,

I am a F1 VISA holder for one of the reputed university and started with my session in Spring 2013 i.e. Janary 2013. Due to some personal problems I have taken a drop from my course and may not continue my Masters in future.

I have following questions regarding my situation

  1. When will my F1 VISA gets cancelled, if I don’t plan to continue my higher education in future?

  2. Will cancellation of F1 have any bad remarks on my profile for future H1 B applications?

  3. What if I am getting some offer from a US employer can I still apply for H1 B without any hesitations? Please clarify the time period after which I will eligible for H1 B VISA.

  4. My qualifications include 4 years of Bachelors degree in Computer Science and 5 years of relevant work experience in the similar field from a US based employer. According, to 12 point system I am eligible to apply for H1 B but could you please put more light taking into consideration my scenario.

  5. What is the time frame (period of year 2013) to apply for H1 B VISA?

Please suggest me with the best possible solution.
Awaiting for a positive reply from your end.
Kindly let me know if you have any further questions in understanding the scenario.

Thanks in advance.