Dear Sir,

I was attended F-1 Visa Interview at US Consulate Chennai in 2006 but was rejected twice there.

In 2016, my wife has applied for F-1 visa and was approved at US Consulate, Hyderabad. Now she is attending for the class from day before yesterday on wards but i was attended for F-2 visa once on 15 December 2016 (while my wife is in India it self) and 5 January 2017 (after she left to US on 19th December 2016) in both the cases it was rejected at US Consulate, Hyderabad in spite of all documentary evidences. Note I’m a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Working as Principal of a Pharmacy College in India with total of 15+ years experience. Shall I need to wait some more time to re-appear. What should be the time gap for two successive interviews. This time i.e. 3rd time attending the F-2 at US Consulate, Chennai instead Hyderabad is suggestible? Can I go on Visitor 's Visa otherwise? Want to go ASAP. Look forward for the reply.