F-2 Vis approved on 4th attempt as principal applicant is on F-1 CPT

#cpt #f2 4th attempt Embassy Dhaka

1st attempt: my wife got confused and wasn’t well prepared. VO was negative from the outset (214b)
2nd attempt: VO was positive and willing. However, the consulate found inactive SEVIS status which was not the case as a letter from my school DSO, later provided for the third attempt confirmed continued active SEVIS.(221g)

3rd attempt: VO was negative from the outset. Asked questions regarding her father in law’s occupation as to how he could afford my living and education from 2014. VO was not at all convinced regarding our family’s affluency. (On that day most of the F-2 visas were getting rejected as observed) (214b)

4th attempt
1st counter where they check the I20
Officer: When does your husband’s CPT end?
Ans: End of December 2021
Confused what date they should put as I 20 says Jan-3 2022.
Then she clarified that what she told is the program end date and that’s when he will return.
Officer was convinced.

2nd (Main Counter)
VO: What do I do?
Ans: Ms in Engineering Management
VO: He works at Company XXXXX right?
Ans: Yes
VO: Which date were you two married?
Ans: Date
VO: How much is your husband’s salary?
Ans: $xxxx (almost half of actual with overtime) I have the bank statements and pay stubs. Would you like to have a look?
VO: Sure
Showed bank statement, investment statement, 3 recent pay stubs and last year W 2.
VO went inside talked to others and probably made copies of the documents.
VO:Show me some wedding photos
Showed wedding card and photos

(VO then complimented on the photos and wedding cards, handed her the blue leaflet and kept the passport.)

What was different about the 4th attempt is that I had a Senator issue a letter towards the embassy. The letter showed her BINDING TIES of having a small event management business and that she needs to return for taking care of her widowed-elderly mother. My ties included that I have got an admission in an university in Canada for Winter 22.

In hindsight, the letter, positive attitude of the visa officer and financial strength were the keys.

Don’t give up. Keep trying.