F-1 VISA Stamping


I am Dr. Sondhi and have valid B1/B2 VISA for five Years. I would like to Study in USA for Masters of Public Health (MPH) Program. My husband is an computer Engineer (he has also belonged to B1/B2 VISA) and he is working in an IT Industry and he getting better salary from his employer

I have received I-20 from University. I want to apply for F-1 VISA and F-2 for my husband from my home country.

What is the possibility to get the F-1 visa and Dependency visa?

If Consular officer ask to my husband, you are doing a good job here so……why are you want to go USA with your wife ? What will you do in USA ? What would be the best answer???

If we reject from Embassy for Student VISA. What would be the present Status (B1/B2) of us ??
Can we visit to USA through B1/B2 visa in future???

Thanks in advanced………

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Your husband will be asked the question, not on the purpose of accompanying wife but on the logic of going as a dependent of a student. You should go on F-1, he can travel to visit on B-1. If the F-1 visa is denied for some reason, it does not affect your B-1 visa stamp. You can visit US any time.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University (www.chu.edu)