F-1 visa for indians into ESL course

I am sunny. From Hyderabad, India.
I am planning to study intensive english at an English Language School which is designated learning institution in US ( there are many best language schools throughout USA).
Course length would be more than 7months.

So, it requires an f-1 (student Visa).

But, some people are saying US embassy doesn’t allow Indians to study ESL courses in USA.

Is it true?
Can I obtain f1 visa or is it impossible?
I need your suggestions.

Thank you.

Well, honestly, I am not sure. I have not seen Indians take this course though. I have seen many from other parts of the world take it. There are two things, one is a perception and second thing is visa reality. I suggest you check with the school, if they allow Indians, if so, then you can ask regarding the visa and your perception…maybe they can advice. if they allow, it is worth a shot…Visa stamping is always tricky thing and you need some sort of luck as well…