F-1 Visa | Expired - Awaiting Renewal |


I’m not sure many fall in the same boat as I do - I had to travel to India due to family emergency amidst second wave here in India. I’m in a doctorate program and my visa had expired a while ago. I had plans to travel here at a later time to get it sorted out - while having booked a visa slot - but had to travel impromptu. Biden admin’s May 4th travel ban/guidance is unclear to my case (student, but already in the program). My intent to finish up with my doctorate soon, I’m close to finish and have to return for that. I’m hoping audience in here can clarify my question - How soon would it be possible for me to make the trip back to US, given all that we know about F-1, NIE, Emergency Visa etc? Appreciate any advice/info I get here.

PS: My visa renewal is dropbox (appointment not yet booked). I don’t know if there is a way to expedite that via emergency appointment.