F-1 SEVIS fee non-payment Administrative processing

Hello! I applied for a F-1 visa and had my interview at the US embassy in New Delhi on 22 June 2017. However, I failed to pay the SEVIS fee before the interview due to misunderstanding the instructions on the I-20. I showed my interview the majority of my documents except for my scores. She asked me about the SEVIS fee’s which I had not paid and handed me back the I-20 but kept the passport and told me to pay the SEVIS fee within 2 days, which I did. Now the visa status indicator says that my passport is under Administrative processing. I didn’t get any slip or 221(g).

Does anyone have any idea what will happen? Will I get rejected and have to reapply? How much time will it take?


I’m currently in the exact same sitiuation, did your visa get issued? After how much time?