F-1 renewal, dropbox - called for interview - I'm not in India

I’m in the US & sent my docs over to my parents who dropped it off at the consulate on 26th September. The consulate gets back to me in 1 week, there is no mention of 221 (g) and visa status hasn’t been approved or rejected, but I have been called for an interview on 13th October 2022.

Now I am in the US and cannot travel at such short notice. What happens to my passport in that case? I’d like it back instead so that I can apply for a different country & skip this F-1 renewal for now

The appointment confirmation letter literally states that you don’t have to drop off documents yourself. Please advice out of that

You can never ever apply for visa for a country you are already present in, and even if you may not be required to drop off the documents yourself, you should be in the applying country when your application is received by the consulate you applied at. This is the very reason US consulate called you to appear for in-person visa.
If you dont appear for your visa interview your application will be denied and passport will be returned back.

Awww. I was considering to ship mine and have my brother help me with the drop off. I don’t plan to leave the US.