extention from L1B to H1 to L1A status

Hi all

I have been working in USA from past 5 yrs. First i was in L1b visa and max stay finished for my L1b Quata and now my company i have filed H1 and i got approved and i did h1 transfer to other comp and iam going to finish my 1 yrs for h1 (may of total stay of 6 yrs) also i filed my Labour still pending and did not finish 1yr for eligibility of ext of my H1 so my question is can my company can apply for L1A visa so that i can stay for another Yr.

Please anyone advice

One of the L-1 requirements is that you should have worked for that employer for at least 1 year outside US in the past 3 years. Do you satisfy that requirement? Beside, does your role come under allowed L-1 roles/duties?