Extension petition got revoked

My H1B petition documents along with I797 are present with me and my petition got expired.So my employer filed extension and when i checked the status on USICS website it is showing Revocation Notice Was Sent and asking to submit any requested materials.
I dont have any documents regarding this extension and after that i have left the company and joined another company.Now am planning to transfer my H1B to the new company
I have below questions regarding this:

  1. Since my extension got revoked can i use first expired petition number alone and apply for transfer ?
  2. Since the extension petition got revoked and I dont have any documents can i use my first expired H1B documents and petition to transfer ?
  3. Is it mandatory to submit all the previous I797 documents for transfer or is it ok to have the first I797 document and apply for transfer ?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Are you in US ? Did you quit the company that filed your H1B ? Was the extension filed by the same company ? Check with the company, if they withdrew the application. ?

Currently am in India. I was in US for 18 months and came back and I have not utilized my complete 6 years time on my H1.Yes,when I was in the first company they only filed the extension and I checked with them they said that they did not withdrew the application.

You can use your first H1B and claim your recapture time for H1B. Read H1B recapture after 6 years rule

Thank you so much Kumar for the update.

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