Extending stay for mom in law


My mom in law will finish her 6 month stay by Mar 27. I want to extend her stay for another month. Her B1 visa is expiring on May 10. Is it okay to extend the stay when her VISA is expiring very soon?

Visa is only a travel document required to enter the US.
If her I-94 is expiring in March, you will need to file an extension request with a valid reason. I would suggest against doing it unless there is a substantial valid reason.

Thanks… why do you recommend not doing it?

I heard it takes couple of months to get a final decision from USCIS. If I apply today, can we she stay on the receipt after her 6 month stay expires?

Yes she can stay on receipt but will need to depart immediately if the extension is denied.

Thanks, that helps. Do you know what is the wait time for B1 extension?

Hi, I applied for extension and the application got delivered on Mar 13. How long it takes to get the receipt? do they send it over email as well?

It may take 21 to 45 daya for the receipt.