Extending F1 visa

HI. My F1 visa expired and I am currently on STEM OPT which is valid till Nov 2019 (6 months left). My H1b petition got picked in the lottery this year. It’s in Premium processing which should be done by the end of this month. In case if I want to visit my home country before Oct, can I come back without any issues. I believe I need to attend an F1 visa interview again since my F1 is expired. What are the chances of F1 extension approval just for this 6 months?

Well, I am assuming that you filed your H1B in consular processing. You will need to be prepared to answer, why you want to go back on F1 visa, while you already have H1B and your intentions are clear to work in US…so, it could be tricky, when you go for F1 stamping on OPT, as you would have H1B approved… Visa stamping for F1 after the program is complete is always a tricky situation as the Visa officer will question your intent to go back…So, there is definitely a tricky situation as it can be difficult to convince Visa officer, if such questions come up…You may consider getting H1B stamping and entering US on H1B, then it would be straightforward.

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