Extending B1 on H1B lottery selection

Hi ,

Currently holding a B1 visa and by H1B is filled from my organisation. There is an opportunity to travel (as part of winning a large deal) for knowledge transfer of 3-4 weeks starting from May 1st 2016 later the actual project starts. I am willing to travel on B1 for these 3-4 weeks. If my H1B get selected in lottery can I extend my stay without being stamped and on board to the project team?


Sumanth N Mylar

Your H-1 was applied w/ consular processing. In case it gets selected and approved, you will have to file COS from B-1 to H-1. Once approved, you can work on H-1 w/o getting the visa stamped.

Your current travel is for 3-4 weeks while H-1 cannot start until Oct 1. What will you do for 6 months in US?