Extend I-94 after passport renewal and H1 visa expiry


I am writing in ref. to question about my and my dependent’s (Spouse and Kid) I-94 duration.

When my H1-B petition was transeffered from my previous employer to new employer, H1-B petition was approved with validity till September 2017. Along with the approval notice, I-94 provided on mine (I-129) as well as on my dependent’s I-539 was till September 2017.

After approval, I visited India and re-entered USA, that time at port of entry I-94 for me and my dependents were provided based on passport expiry date:

Self Passport expiry date - September, 2016I-94 stamped at POE - September, 2016Child Passport expiry date - June, 2016I-94 stamped at POE - June, 2016Spouse Passport expiry date - September, 2019I-94 stamped at POE - September, 2016H1/H4 visa (stamped through my previous employer) on mine and my dependent’s passport has now expired in October, 2015.

I have renewed mine and my child’s passport and I have received new passports. Please guide how I-94 duration would be updated/extended for me any my dependents. Kindly note that my child I-94 is expiring in June, 2016 which is earlier than mine and my spouse I-94 (September 2016).

Thanks for your reply!!!

I-94 extension can be filed 6 months in advance. So in Mar 2016, you can apply for I-94 extension.

I don’t know where you live, but check the CBP offices at your nearest international airport. I think you can just schedule an appointment there and get the I-94 extended. You can also ask your company attorney to file the I-94 extension petition for all 3 of you.