Expired Visa status in Resume

Hi ,

I worked in US ( H1 Visa) from Jan 2013 to Dec 2014 and resigned the job for health issues.I did not work for 1.4 yrs and now I started searching jobs again. In the meantime, my H1 got expired. Kindly clarify the below.

  1. Shall I mention my expired H1 visa status in Resume.? Will it add some value to my resume.

  2. Once I got a job whether my employer can get an extension of the expired Visa… I only worked for 2 years out of 6 years (H1 duration)

  1. some times mentioning that would be an advantage some times not. Its better to find a known employer and start looking for a job.

  2. definitely its possible since you have 4yrs period left out

Thanks for the reply…

I have one more question. Actually, I came to US in 2011 as Dependant ( H4 Visa) will that period be included in my 6 years duration…

Only the time spent on H-1 status is considered toward the 6 year clock.