Expired H1B Visa Transfer options

Dear Community Members,

I have a few queries regarding my h1b.

  1. My H1B was picked in the year 2008 lottery (with validity from 01st October 2008 till 30th September 2011)
  2. It was never stamped, never traveled, or never utilized in 6 years duration of the H1B visa. Also, it is 12 years old as of today (due to personal commitments I did not travel and company did not reply too)
  3. Let me know what are the options I have now. Should I go with the 2024 lottery or file my old petition under the cap-exempt category if any employer is willing to transfer my visa to their company even though it was expired/approved?
  4. What are the companies willing to transfer under the cap-exempt category these days? If you have any consultancies/companies who can do this, please provide me their contact info, and I will contact them.

Note: Overall, I have 18+ years of IT Industry experience and currently working as an Integration Architect (MuleSoft Specialist) in one of the reputed companies in India.


Please suggest/throw me your input. Your input will be valuable and appreciate your time as well in advance.

New employer can file a cap-exempt petition, no issues.

Any company that have H1B job openings and willing to hire you can file cap-exempt petition. Unfortunately we dont have any recommendations.

Dear, If you found any Consultancies/Companies, Please let me know as well…!

Mine is also same case like yours. My H1B was picked in the year 2019 lottery (with validity from 3rd Feb 2020 till 27th Aug 2022) and not stamped due to pandemic where embassy was closed (Slots not available until 2023). Now I797B was expired and I switched to New Employer as well. I need to go with Extension and Transfer as well…!

Please let me know…!

Dear, subscribe to H1B Visa Jobs, H1B Visa Sponsorship, H1B Cap 2024/H1B Transfers, H1B Visa 2023, 2024 Community, and Discussions groups on Facebook. once you join, you can post your H1B requirements one of the consultancies will contact you then you can talk to them and take it forward for the extension and transfer as well.

I have not got any consultancies/companies so far but trying through with my friends circle for the Cap Exempt transfer. Also, if you have good contacts in the US, you can ask them to refer you to their company then it will be good for you. The market is still not good over there, you can plan it accordingly.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Ashok Ramsankar

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Hey! Can you get in touch with hr@bixrlabs.com ? Definitely help you out