Expired H1B Petetion, Visa Stamped but not travelled

Hi All,

I have an approved H1B I797 petetion issued in 2018. My visa got stamped in the same year but I have not been to USA due to personal reasons. As we are in 2024 now, the petition got expired. However, I heard that there is a way to re-activate that petetion without going through the lottery process again. Can someone share the details to me please?

Is there a deadline by when I need to re-activate the H1B petetion? Do I have to go through the same employer or can I go with another employer?

Appreicate any prompt replies !!!

Any employer willing to sponsor your H1B can apply for a cap-exempt H1B petition based on previous I-797 approval notice and copy of visa stamp.
There is no time limit to claim the unused H1B time whichbin your case is 6 years and you never worked on previously approved H1B.