Expired H1B Cap Exempt - can this renewed

My H1B petition was approved from 1st oct 2006, but I traveled on that H1 for 9 months till 1st Mar 2008. After that I traveled multiple time to US on L1 visa. Never been out of US for more than 1 year since June 2007. Can I renew my old H1 petition which is expired? In total till today I stayed in US for 51 months.

My questions are:

  1. Am I eligible for cap-exempt?

  2. If I find an employer, can processing for H1B start right away or does it have anything to do with the regular applications?

  1. I guess you are not eligible for cap exempt. Check with attorney.

  2. Same as above. If you are not eligible for cap exempt, you need to apply for H1B in April 2014 and start working from Oct 1, 2014.