Experience of Dropbox Mumbai Consulate

Hello All,

After going through all the questionnaire on the CGI federal website, I get an option for Interview Wavier / Dropbox. This is related to work visa.

I am just confused as for one question -“Has your visa ever been refused?”, I answer “Yes” as my first-ever F-1 visa in 2011 was refused. Even after that, i am getting the Dropbox option.

I still have my F-1 visa valid (Dec-2024). My STEM-OPT status was changed/terminated (2022) as soon as my work visa was approved.

So I am just skeptical, it its worth selecting it. Fortunately, I don’t have any emergency for now.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Best wishes!

If the system is allowing IW after you are answering all the qualifying questions correctly, what is the concern?
At most you will still go for dropbox appointment and the VO can issue 221g if they decide to interview you.