Experience letter


My H1B petition got an RFE saying I need to provide previous company experience letter with full details - roles, responsibilities & skills set whereas it mentions just job title, so attorney suggested me to provided an affidavit by a co-worker of previous company.

If anyone has faced this situation, could you please guide me.

So my question is, what points I need to remember while creating this document, like can this be on blank paper, or it should be only co-worker’s company letter head or what if company letter head is not available? Any particular format for affidavit?


Your attorney is correct. Best option is your old company co worker who is closely associated with you and your project.

Dont give too much (unnecessary) details. Just look into the H1B application(Labor, I-129 and other letters attached to that. Also check your resume for that project details). Cook a reasonable letter content which syncs all these for this project context.

Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for your reply. It worked and my case got approved.

Actually, I need to thank you as I always expect folks here who got answers to come back and post their final outcome so that we can validate our answers whether they are working or not. They always ask the question and disappear.
So, once again thank you for your update and congrats!!!

Remember, anything must make sense for you FIRST… thats exactly I have advised above. Wishing the best further…