Exchange drivers license with old name - Germany - Last name different?

I have a question. My wife holds an H1B visa and has a Pennsylvania driver’s license. Since she has German citizenship, she was able to exchange her German driver’s license for an American driver’s license.
We are in the green card process and I will be moving to the US in the next 1-2 years as well. After 5 years of a “long distance relationship” I’m sure everyone can understand.

When we got married I took the family name of my wife. German law allows you to keep your driver’s license with your old name if you have an identification document (passport, ID card) with your new family name. That means I have a passport with our family name and a driver’s license with my birth name.

My question to you: can there be problems if I want to exchange my German driver’s license with my old name for a US driver’s license ?

It could be an issue. The reason is, in US the rules are different and it can be a hassle for you to convince them. If I were you, I would keep one name across all of them, to make my life easier.
See, you maybe able to convice them, but the sytems have only one option and not ready for it. So, you may have to face hassle of other asking you and you telling the whole story…I will leave it up to your discretion…