Entry on F1 visa when I-20 is cancelled


I received visa to start study in University A for Spring 2016. He received visa on Dec 2nd and missed the “intent to enroll” date of Nov 15th. My school is telling me that my application is withdrawn and I cant enroll any more. Can I still enter US? I also have admission in another university B but I 20 used of visa was from Univ A. Should I ask Univ B to update my Sevis and use that I-20 to enter US? What implication I might have if I try to enter US using I 20 from Univ A? I have already purchased ticket to travel on Dec 30th and would appreciate a quick response. Thanks a lot

As per the new article posted on this website, you may want to update your I-20 and SEVIS record to reflect University B. If you are using documents that are no longer valid, you will be subject to secondary screening at port of entry. If secondary screening occurs, you will either be subject to a 30-day notice to resolve or summary deportation, Best wishes