Entering with L1 stamping while having the H1B stamping

Hi Saurabh,

I am currently in L1A and my visa expires in Feb 2014 and I94 expires in May 2014
I got my H1B approved in consular processing for 2012 and is valid till Dec 2013

I want to go to consulate in chennai to get the stamping with the H1B approved petition what i have
My question is

  1. Once I get the H1B stamping with the approved H1B petition, will my L1A be cancelled
  2. If suppose they don’t cancel my L1A can I enter in L1A and after coming to US can i change it to H1B.
  3. What will happen if my H1B get rejected or get 221g blue form (query) while going for stamping, can i still enter with L1A stamped visa
  4. For H1B stamping is the client letter mandatory?
  1. The officer may cancel L-1A visa stamp w/o prejudice while approving H-1. If they don’t cancel it, then you will have both visa stamps in the passport and can use either

  2. Yes, this can be done. However, you can enter on L-1A only if your L-1 employer wants you to work for them in US on L-1A. Once in US, COS to H-1 can be filed.

  3. Usually, they do not touch L-1A visa stamp until they approve the H-1. But can’t say w/ surety

  4. It is depending upon your H-1 employer. Is it a consulting company? If yes, then its better to carry client/project documentation.