Entering US on CPT with OPT approved but starting at a later date

I have a job offer and am planning to start working on CPT valid from OCT15th 2014 to JAN 15th 2015 and also in parallel, apply for OPT on OCT 15th with start date of Jan 15th. The complication arizes because I have to travel to India from Dec 11th to Jan 11th for my marriage. Thus when I re-enter on Jan 11th, I will have valid CPT. My question is in case my opt gets approved while I am in India with start date of Jan 15th(which is later than my date of re-entry), will I still need my EAD Card or will I be able to enter on my valid CPT I20?

Just to reiterate:

  • Reentering on Jan 11th with CPT valid till Jan 15th

  • OPT has been approved while I was in India but the card has not been sent out so I dont have the EAD card

  • OPT start date is Jan 15th

In this scenario, will I be able to enter on my I20 without EAD card?

When are you graduating ? If you are on CPT, my assumption is that you are still in school and have not graduated… Once your graduation is done, you cannot continue to work on CPT, because CPT is for credit and ties to your degree…Anyways, if you are not graduated, then you are fine as it is considered you are still in school…