Enter USA with H1b amendment receipt

My h1b Petition was done for client A. My stamping was also done for Client A. Before my travelling project got scraped and I applied my amendment through Client B.

After converting my amendment to premium I received travel document though my amendment not approved.

Now I received REF on my amendment.

I hv my stamping done and hv printed copy of LCA , amendment receipt and I-129 for client B. I also Hv my previous approved petition original copy.

Will I be able to travel USA with these documents . This is my first travel to USA. As of now my RFE is not cleared.

Travel with your approved petition. Don’t talk about amendment unless asked. If asked show amendment receipt. Even I had amendment pending. I went for visa interview with amendment pending and visa was approved and no problem in entry too. However this was not my first time USA entry