Enter US with 1 week visa validity and extend I94

Hi, I am currently in US with stamped visa valid till Nov 20, 2022. I applied for H1 extension and has been approved for 3 years, got my approval notice and I94 has been extended till Nov 2025 to reflect new extension date.
I am planning to travel to India and return back by Nov 15, 2022 with only 5 days visa left. At the port of entry, I am assuming that I will get a new I94 number and that will be based on the stamped visa which is Nov 20. So, my new I94 will expire by Nov 20.
What are the options available for me to extend my I94 during/after entering US or am I taking a risk of not going for stamping that I wont be able to extend I94 after entering US? Please help me.

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