Enquiry to strengthen H1B filing case under Human Resource Manager category


I am working for an IT Services company as Recruitment Manager in US hiring Dept. My employer is filing H1B this year and I wanted get some expert opinion to strengthen my case.

Some background:

I have already worked in California for over 3 years on L1 visa. My visa extension request got rejected twice last year; first under blanket and second through Individual L1 attempt.

Our legal expert are recommending to file H1 under Human Resource Manager category. I understood that the chances are slim in getting H1 visa if we only show recruiting as the key skill/area/JD.

Need your help:

  1. What preparation needs to be done for crafting the job description
  2. What all area of skills/expertise needs to be highlighted for building a strong case
  3. Any other recommendation for increasing the chances of getting the visa approved.

Any and all inputs are highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

  1. The job description should mention the educational and experience requirement (usually bachelor’s degree or equivalent for H1)

  2. Your educational + experience + a detailed resume explaining your role as a recruiting manager

  3. The chances are same as any other case. Your case won’t be treated as different just because it is not for an IT role. Don’t worry go ahead and file for H1, if the documents are acurate and in line with the USCIS guidelines then you should not have any issues. Best of luck !

In addition to what Ankit mentioned, your employer should be able to demonstrate why the position requires at least 4 years of Bachelors degree.