Employment verification letter

I am going for an interview for my H4 ext. My spouse is hired directly by the employer and has no end client. It is a manufacturing firm. Should the EVL be enough. Or do I need a letter explaining there is no client involved? Since I hear a lot of stories of an end client letter and want to make sure I have the right document. Thanks.

Copy of offer letter and employment verification letter is enough evidence. Please also carry last three paystubs before interview.

Hi Kalpesh,
I had my consulate interview today after the 221g travel ban. The visa officer asked me for the following document in light of the below issues/events

Applied for my h4 extension on May 2020 while my h4 visa was expiring august 2020. Uscis asked for biometrics on April 2021 I gave the biometrics and had to travel to India on May 2021 while uscis processed my case and gave me i797 approval on June 2021. Now the consulate is asking for the below document.

Can you please point me to a right direction or give me some contacts of a lawyer that can help me here. Thanks

I replied to your inbox message.