Employment verification email response timeline for 221G H1B

Related to H1-B 221G. My case is in 221G since Feb 10th and that petition expired in April and I have an extension. The client backed out last week after waiting 11 months so I will be put on another client project in the same vicinity of LCA or do an amendment if needed. \

In meantime, the employer has received an employment verification email asking for employer and client details, etc. from us embassy.

Ques 1 - In how much time does the employer has to reply to the employment verification email from the US embassy? As it will take a few weeks to find and onboard another client.

Ques 2 - When the embassy sends a petition to uscis, is that only the petition which is in DS160.

Ques 3 - Is my new I797 extension safe to go for another interview?

Please reply ASAP, as I am stressed and in tension. Thanks.

  1. There is no pre defined time as such. Usually earlier the better. If there is a deadline, the email would say so.
  2. Yes, they verify the same that you put in for stamping.
  3. If your situation changed and it is new approval with amendment, then yes, you can. Discuss with your attorney on this, the best way to handle this and then plan for it.