Employment ending before the USCIS approves my case for STEM EXTENSION OPT EAD


My OPT end date is 24 July 2020. I have just been laid off by my current employer and the last day of my employment is July 10 2020. The company is ready to extend my employment till 31st July 2020.

I have not filed for my STEM EXTENSION EAD card yet, and the following are my doubts:

  1. If the USCIS receives my documents before the OPT end date and then my employment ends, would that cause a problem in the arrival of the EAD card?
  2. If USCIS receives my case, and my employment ends in the middle of this process, would it cause a problem?
  3. When the USCIS studies my case, do they check whether I still am currently employed or not? Is “CASE RECEIVED” enough confirmation for me to know that the EAD is on its way? Do I have to wait till it is “CASE APPROVED”?
  4. Would USCIS confirm the employment status with my company before approving my case?
  5. Should I request my company to extend my employment till July 31st or try for mid August, and hope that my case gets approved by then? Does that seem like a feasible option?

If the answer to question 4 is a yes, then I would have to ask my company to keep me on a probation period till my case gets approved.

Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated. It would be better if I were to receive an answer as soon as possible, so that I can act on further steps.

Thanks again