Employer withdrawn the approved petition after employee exit, Now is there a chance for cap exemption for the same petition

My petition got approved in July 2016 with the employer and I left the company to start my new concern. After 60 days of the approval date, the employer withdrew the approved petition due to my exit. Now I rejoined the same employer and I have all the I-797B notice, I-797C and other notice which has validity until 15/jun/2019. Can I go for cap-exempt or is it not possible due to withdrawal?

If you worked on H1B or had H1B status at least once, you are cap exempt.

Sorry Kumar I did not get you, I did not go for stamping after my petition got approved and never entered into the US. I have only withdrawn petition which was approved. Could you please tell me now is it possible to go for the extension ?

Hi Thirukumaran, I am also in the same boat. Can you ping your email Id so that we can discuss further on this.