Employer taxes on my paycheck and paycheck is being run as w2 wages.

I work as a consultant in IL and my employer is from GA. My hourly pay rate is 80-20%. Initially he used to give perdiem and run my paycheck in GA and he used to deduct employer taxes from my paycheck which is 80%.

After arguing alot, now he is saying that he will run the pay as w2 wages.

Will I be having any problem with that and I do not understand why he is not willing to pay employer taxes himself in his 20% share.

I am okay to change employer but my green card is in processing and the labor got approved too.

Please put your comments so I get more insight on the situation.

What’s the salary mentioned in the LCA? Is it annual income or an hourly income?

Have you filed taxes in previous years? How did you file them w/o W2?