Employer stopped providing paystubs

Hello Everyone,

I used to have access to ADP to check my pay stub. But for a few months, I’m not having access to ADP and cannot access or look into my payment information. I’m receiving my payments regularly to my bank but am unable to check my tax information through ADP.

And also when I checked with my employer they are saying they cannot provide and gave vague answers. I don’t understand why they don’t want to give.

My concern is I want to have the paystubs for my tax information and also if I want to apply for anything like a home loan or car loan everyone is asking for the latest paystub for proof of income.

and I checked with the ADP helpdesk, they are asking me to reach out to HR but my HR is not providing anything.

Can anyone please help me with some information to get my paystubs? or is it possible to get it from any online providers or etc?

Thanks in advance

Only your employer can provide access to your paystubs. In fact they are legally required to provide you with paystubs and W2 for tax filing.
If they deny to provide you with the above you can complain to DOL or take legal action.

Thanks for your reply. Now I feel like they are trying to be rude when I asked for a paystub. Not understanding what they are going to do.